First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution


First Contact Resolution (FCR) measures the percent of cases reported through assisted support channels that are acknowledged to be resolved by the customer as a result of the initial interaction with a qualified support representative. FCR is a common metric used throughout the technology services and broader customer services industries. While widely used the underlying inputs and assumptions that makeup FCR vary widely. A consistent definition for FCR is essential to performance benchmarking against companies and industry segments. More importantly a well-defined method for measuring FCR assures that the insights gained from FCR performance will point to meaningful corrective actions to improve support efficiency and effectiveness.

This report presents a consistent framework to measure how efficiently each customer question gets to the person that has the skills, knowledge and tools to provide the right answer the first time the customer engages with Support.

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This playbook will help you:

  • Establish a clear understanding of what First Contact Resolution is.
  • Determine the key elements for accurately measuring FCR.
  • Introduce best practices using FCR as a critical support performance metric.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions to help you developed and apply FCR to your specific support model.
  • Identify industry performance benchmarks for FCR.
  • Highlight the correlation of FCR to customer satisfaction and NPS.
  • Provide recommended best practices for archiving the optimal FCR rate.

This Report Includes:


18 Pages

Step-by-Step Plays:
  • Define the elements of FCR
  • How to measure FCR.
  • Compare your FCR performance with industry benchmarks
  • Define and achieve the optimal FCR performance level
  • Overcome FCR inhibitors
Topics Covered:
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR) Defined
  • Elements of FCR
  • Why FCR Matters
  • How to Measure FCR
  • Top 10 FCR Practices
  • FCR Benchmarks
  • The Optimal FCR Rate
  • FCR Inhibitors
  • Analyzing FCR Performance
  • Optimizing FCR
  • FCR Exception Handling
  • Escalation
  • FCR Optimization – Costs & Benefits