Call for Entries: The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2019

Dear colleague,
As you may know, the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) hosts an annual awards competition to honor the year’s Ten Best Web Support Sites.
Judged by support professionals, these ten winning sites are widely regarded as leaders in online support innovation and implementation.

This year I’d like to invite you to submit your own support site for this prestigious award.

Of course, I can’t promise that your site will be a winner. But even if you’re a runner-up, you’ll still receive several valuable benefits:

  • Site analysis: After the winners are announced, we’ll send you your scorecard results in each of 25 different categories, which can show you how key aspects of your site compare to benchmark averages of other support sites.  The confidential scorecard will also include comments by the judges and suggestions for site improvements.
  • Special report:  We’ll also send you a copy of The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2019, an approximately 140 page report that profiles the winners and explores emerging trends in online support.

The entry information explains the process in more detail.  You can also find information about the awards and previous winners on the ASP Website.  And I’m always happy to answer questions-just send me an e-mail at and I’ll try to help.

I look forward to seeing your entry!

Al Hahn Executive Director

What’s Included

To help customer support managers develop better self-service Web support sites, the Association of Support Professionals honors The Ten Best Web Support Sites each year. A panel of judges will identify ten sites that demonstrate overall excellence in Web support delivery. 10 winners will be chosen from large, medium, and small companies, depending on how many from each category are entered.

2019 Entry Procedures
Entries may be submitted by individuals, companies, or outside firms that participated in the site development process. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed application form, along with an essay that describes the major challenge the site developers faced and three key site features. (The essay should be submitted in electronic form.) We will accept video links to familiarize the judges with your site. An onboarding video might work well for that or an overview video. Do not attach video files as they are too large. Only links will be accepted and will probably help your scores.

Deadline for all entries is Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

The judges will use a scoring system that addresses five general areas:

  • Site User Experience
  • Content Offering
  • Content Engagement & Interaction
  • Site improvement Processes (Essay)
  • Site Measurement Processes (Essay)

The ten winning sites will be profiled in an annual ASP report that will include screen shots, essays, and related material. All entrants will receive a complimentary pdf of this report after publication. Each entering company receives an individual site assessment that includes average scores for all 25 areas that are judged, plus valuable judges comments on each of the five groups that are scored and comments on how to improve the site.   This report is confidential to each entry.

Entries should be submitted to The Association of Support Professionals in electronic form (see application for details). Entry fee is $1,100 for large company entries, $900 for medium size company entries, and $700 for small company entries.

Electronic Entry Instructions

Deadline for entries is Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

We have made several changes in how we process awards entries. Please read these instructions carefully and review the FAQ section of the ASP Awards pages

Electronic entry submission: You may only submit your entry essay in electronic form (no hard copy submissions). The entry must consist of two single files, and must be in PDF format and in a Word document, which we will need in case your entry wins and is published in “The Year’s Ten Best Web Support Sites” report. By submitting, you give us permission to publish your essay, should your site be declared one of the Top Ten winners for 2019.

File transmission: Please use our online entry or email the PDF and Word files to

Entry length: Your entry may not be longer than 12 pages (including a cover page). Screen shots and other graphics should be embedded in the text and should be large enough to be easily read. Please save images at high resolution (200 dpi or better).

Color: Your entry essay should use color images.

Cover page: The cover page of your essay should include the following information: Company name, complete URL of support site, username and password (if required), name and e-mail address of person submitting the entry essay. If the site is password-protected, please assign a temporary password or access rights for the competition judges (see above). Access rights should not expire before July 31.

Essay contents: The entry essay helps give the judges a better understanding of the background and context of your site. Where possible you should include links to an onboarding video or site overview video, but do not include video files as they are too large.

  • Please start by describing the single largest challenge you faced in implementing the current version of this site. Possible topics include problems of technology, project management, team organization, site design, budget constraints, promotion, special customer needs, etc. In addition, describe how you overcame this problem, what metrics you used to measure your results, and what lessons you learned that would help other support site developers.
  • In a separate section of the essay, identify and describe three key features of your site that the judges should look at most carefully.
  • Note that the essay contents must be substantially original, not used as part of a previous submission.
  • Please note that there are two areas based on your essay the directly affect your scores. They are explained in the last two sections of the scoring.
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